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Step 4 – Set Priorities and Create an Action Plan

These three recommended tasks build consensus and support in your community for the Outdoor Town Vision:

  • Host a Community Action Meeting – For resources for hosting an Action Meeting, check out the Community Meeting in a Box in the tools section below.  The meeting should highlight the results of the Community Input Summary Report, the Draft Value and Vision Statement, and Recommendations for Improvements. The objectives of the meeting are to:
    • Let people know they were heard by sharing the input you gathered
    • Create community collaboration for a shared Vision and Goals
    • Develop very short-term projects such as events and celebrations that immediately engage the community 
    • Set priorities for improvement projects
    • Identity people and resources within the community to implement priority projects
  • Create an Action Plan – Transform the input you gathered into an Action Plan that will guide your work, garner support, and help fund your projects. Don’t forget to establish short-term and long-term goals! Each Task should identify who will help, funding sources and desired date of completion. Separate your work into logical Focus Areas that task teams can address such as:
    • Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements
    • Recreation and Community Programming
    • Park and River Access Improvements
    • Gateways and Signage Improvements
    • Business Development
    • Tourism, Marketing and Promotion
    • Sustainable Practices
  • Adopt the Action Plan – once you have completed the Action Plan, ask your municipal government to adopt the Vision statement and support the plan. You can modify this Municipal Resolution and ask your local government to pass it to show their support. Ask other partners to include relevant parts of your Action Plan into their plans and ask them how they can help with implementation.

Tools for Setting Priorities and Creating an Action Plan: