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Step 5 – Implement Your Action Plan

Continue to hold regular meetings of your Action Team as you work on implementing your plan. It is important to check in to work through tasks and issues. Keep bringing new members onto the team to help spread the workload and add expertise.

Take on smaller projects that involve volunteers first. This can help achieve results quickly and cost effectively while building support for bigger projects within the community. Clean-up and beautification projects are great ways to engage volunteers, immediately make your town more attractive, instill pride, and build a team. Outdoor recreation events and community picnics are fun ways to get more people interested in your efforts and increase support.

For larger projects, seek funding and support from partners and gather support locally. Most funders want to see that there is local skin in the game. Become familiar with funding guidelines and requirements. Some projects may require additional planning. For instance: if major improvements are needed to a park, you may need to do a Master Park Plan; if you have number of impediments to safe walking and biking, you may need to do a Bicycle and Pedestrian Audit. Funders can help you identify what steps you have to take to accomplish a project.

Attend educational conferences to learn from experts and peers how to implement your projects. Become involved in regional coalitions or groups that are working toward the same type of goals.

Below are Tools and Resources for specific types of projects:

Tools for Implementing your Action Plan: